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Smart Insurance

SmartInsurance is an innovative integrated insurance management system to run your insurance business in a cost effective way with your known Microsoft office tools.

Key Features

Customized Dashboard for each role,Integration with popular Microsoft Applications Such as Office 365 and Sharepoint 2013.

Menu Plus

Introducing the next generation of the dining experience with MenuPlus. Let your guests experience unique and state of the art digital dining interactivity; and make your daily operations effective and efficient.

Key Features

Menu Customization,Multilingual Support,Increased information presentation
Advanced data collection and processing,Eliminating paper-based menus and achieving long-term ecological and economic benefits

Plantation Managment

PlantMaster+ is a scalable total management system which is designed to improve the accuracy, and increase the quality and quantity of intel obtained from the entire process chain in a plantation company.

Key Features

The application runs on multiple platforms and devices, and can be configured to carry out specific operations on each platform and device.